What Is a Boutique Hotel? 5 Key Features That Make This a Unique Choice

The popularity of boutique hotels is on the rise but few people still truly understand what exactly makes this a unique type of accommodation. From their petite size to providing quests with a quirky vibe, boutique hotels offer something different.

Here are 5 key features that make boutique hotels a unique choice for your accommodation away from home…

Boutique Hotels Are Quite Small in Size

One of the very first traits to consider that is usually a consistent factor across each and every boutique hotel is their size. Boutique hotels are typically small in size and are often described as ‘petite’. They usually won’t provide more than 100 rooms but at the very least will accommodate 10 rooms. This is a form of accommodation that prioritizes quality over quantity.

A Place That Oozes Strong Personality

It’s the intimate size that enables boutique hotels to deliver a strong personality. These hotels aim to separate themselves from the stagnant style of corporate luxury hotels that inhabit the hospitality industry. Providing a potent ambiance and an independent ethic is at the forefront of everything these hotels do. Attention to deal is put into making it an eccentric place to stay, from fabulous decor to chic rooms. In fact, each room is usually decorated individually to make it stand out from the rest thanks to its own unique characteristics.

Personalised Service Is Guaranteed

Boutique hotels recognise the importance of delivering a service that is personal, ensuring that you feel like a guest in your own private home. Staff will remember your name and will go out their way to meet the requirements of you and your fellow travellers. Their passion and enthusiasm for the hotel and location as a whole will bright up every conversation you have with them. Your arrival might even be treated with a special welcome gift tailored to you.

Boutique Hotels Are Rich in Local Flavour

The location is at the heart of any boutique hotel. The hotel should convey the best of the location and its heritage, letting guests know where they are at each turn. Whether based in a city centre, an area of historical significance, or surrounded by spectacular scenery, there should be an ever-present feeling for the location.

They Typically Feature Their Own Restaurant & Bar

Boutique hotels will usually be home to their very own restaurant & bar. This part of the hotel will focus on delivering an incredibly authentic and high-quality dining experience that fits in with the rest of the venue’s service. The bar & restaurant will usually be stylish and trendy, while focussing on an extensive menu covering all kinds of food and beverage that has been locally sourced. In many cases it’s also not uncommon for a celebrity chef to be heavily involved.

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