The Ingredients That Make up a Special Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is one of the finest ways of dining and offers a luxury experience like no other. Introduced in the 1800s, this British cuisine bridges the gap between lunch and dinner and has developed as a significant social activity within the country.

So what makes the perfect afternoon tea? Here are some of the top ingredients for the best afternoon tea…

What Makes the Perfect Afternoon Tea

As is evident from its name, afternoon tea is a dining experience that takes place in the afternoon and is a popular service at locations such as luxury hotels and restaurants. The first point to consider when securing the perfect afternoon tea is the setting and venue. One of the main drawing points is for guests to be able to dine within a relaxing environment, which is what makes quaint and picturesque towns like Chester as the ideal village for your destination. The fascinating architecture and history of a venue is a key highlight and should emit a true sense of the very best of British culture.

Afternoon tea is best experienced with groups of people, whether that includes friends, family or colleagues. It is an experience that has most commonly become associated with catching up with friends and family, but also allows you to get to know a mutual acquaintance within your group. You may also want to book an afternoon tea for a special occasion, such as a baby shower or birthday. Food is delivered on sharing trays so guests can help themselves to whatever and whenever they fancy during the duration of their visit. To make the most of a delightful few hours, surround yourself with the people you most want to engage in conversation with.

This dining experience of course won’t be complete without the food or drink. When it was first introduced, afternoon tea started out with tea, bread, butter and cake, the basics of which should be included with any experience. An appealing aspect of afternoon tea is the use of ‘finger food’, ensuring that guests can just pick up and eat what they want. The presentation is also extremely important. The table should be nicely decorated, exquisite cutlery should be present and the food should be delivered in appealing multi-layered sharing trays. At the Townhouse Hotel, our packages include an array of hot beverage choices such as Espresso and hot chocolate, as well as free-flowing prosecco. Our finger sandwiches include ingredients such as smoked salmon, roasted ham and cucumber with cream cheese. Available cakes include banoffee tart, cherry and vanilla battenberg, and blackcurrant macaron.

Afternoon Tea at the Townhouse Hotel Chester

At the Townhouse Hotel we provide the perfect venue for afternoon tea in Chester. Our recently refurbished Brasserie 1699 restaurant allows you to enjoy an afternoon tea in a relaxing environment. You can purchase one of a number of packages and special offers, including the Bottomless Afternoon Tea.

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