Some of the Best Boutique Hotels Around the World

If you read our previous blog post, you will be aware of some of the top features that make a boutique hotel what it is. Boutique hotels offer a unique experience like no other where the service is truly tailored to your liking. Whether you are staying in our lovely town of Chester or far abroad, this is the perfect choice of accommodation for a personalised stay.

Boutique hotels are popular not just in England but further afield where owners are committed to providing a special experience. Here are some of the best boutique hotels you can find throughout the world…

The outdoor swimming pool at Hotel Amadeus in Spain
Hotel Amadeus

Hotel Amadeus

The Hotel Amadeus in the Spanish town of sunny Seville stays true to the boutique hotel formula of exuding a running theme right through the hotel. The theme of this hotel is classical music and the owners have succeeded in combining four key pillars of magic, comfort, hospitality and culture. Hotel Amadeus delivers a proper Seville experience complete with charming rooms, musical instruments, delicious traditional breakfast and orange flavoured wine.

Seville is a rather underrated yet spectacular city to visit in Spain without the hustle and bustle of mainstream cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. If you have a keen interest in art, culture and wine, you really couldn’t pick a better city. There are plenty of fantastic sightseeing activities including the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and a moorish Royal palace.

A bedroom inside the Fresh Sheets Kathedral boutique hotel in Croatia
Fresh* Sheets Kathedral

Fresh* Sheets Kathedral

The Fresh* Sheets Kathedral in Croatia offers boutique accommodation in the heart of the country’s tourist hotspot. The hotel promises unobstructed views of some of Dubrovnik’s best landmarks. They will only accept guests who are ‘good people’ and willing to immerse themselves into the experience! There are several spacious rooms to suit any group size including doubles, twins, family suites and studios. Each room includes air-conditioning, cable TV and free Wi-Fi.

Dubrovnik is becoming increasingly popular with European travellers, especially due to its appearance on Game of Thrones! The city has been used numerous times as the shooting location for scenes featuring the fictional town of King’s Landing. With its magnificent architecture and incredible nature, Dubrovnik is definitely a place worth visiting.

Outside the main entrance to Desert Hideaway at Joshua Tree
Desert Hideaway

Spin and Margie’s Desert Hideaway

Spin and Margie’s Desert Hideaway in the US of A definitely fits in with the boutique hotel characteristic of offering quirky accommodation. Situated near the Joshua Tree National Park, you’re guaranteed a beautiful setting. The Desert Hideaway has several themed suites, from the ‘Mojave Wanderer’ to the ‘Western Nomad’. There’s even a private stand alone studio cabin with a cactus theme. All rooms include free WiFi, flat screen television, a CD player, and heating and cooling.

This accommodation is a worthy consideration for lovers of national parks and exploration. The main attraction is the Joshua Tree National Park just five minutes away. This Californian national park is 790,636 acres in total size and includes parts of the Mojave and Colorado deserts. For other things to do, there’s an incredible sound bath, an astronomy arts theatre, and a nature reserve.

The outdoor swimming pool at Hotel Mockingbird Hill
Hotel Mockingbird Hill

Hotel Mockingbird Hill

The Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Jamaica is an eco hotel set on the Jamaican northeast coast. This hotel offers a fantastic Caribbean holiday where you can enjoy stunning views in a serene environment. There are 10 elegant rooms with inviting decor, relaxing reading areas and no TVs or telephones to disturb you. A slow-food complimentary continental breakfast is included with each booking. This boutique hotel prides itself on maintaining an eco friendly outlook and has implemented several renewable energy and recycling programs.

 The crystal clear sea of the Caribbean islands is a dream destination for most travellers. There’s several reasons that make Jamaica one of the best places to visit. The island is surrounded by gorgeous white sand beaches and you’re pretty much guaranteed lovely sunny weather all year long. When it comes to food, the natives are committed to cooking delicious and exotic cuisine. The Jamaican culture and musical experiences will keep you entertained during your visit.

Looking into the Golden Buddha Beach Resort in Thailand
Golden Buddha Beach Resort

Golden Buddha Beach Resort

The Golden Buddha Beach Resort in Thailand is an elegant boutique hotel in a spectacular location that will please nature lovers. This coastal forest environment offers a unique stay in a secluded accommodation. All of the 28 private houses are made of wood and feature a Thai design unique to that house. No matter what you choose, you will be within close distance to the clubhouse and beach. The clubhouse is the star of the resort where you can dine, relax and make new friends.

The Golden Buddha Beach Resort specialises in providing a relaxing holiday, so you have plenty of opportunities to practice yoga or receive a tropical massage and spa treatment. For the more adventurous types, you can go snorkelling and discover several beautiful coral reefs. You can even tempt your inner Tarzan with a jungle trek through the Ko Ra National Park. As for other activities, there is the chance to test your skills cooking an authentic dish, go kayaking across the bay, or catch a fish at a local fishing spot.

A Luxury Boutique Hotel in Chester

You’ve seen some of the best boutique hotels around the world, but how about a luxury option closer to home? If you are planning a visit to the quaint town of Chester, the Townhouse Hotel Chester has everything required of a boutique hotel. Get started by viewing our range of luxury rooms and serviced apartments.